Dignity Plates Training Academy

Culinary Centric and Chef

Help develop passion for culinary and foster community. We work with our students to provide them with culinary skills that will provide financial freedom and inspiring entrepreneurship.


We offer our students mentorship and postgraduate support throughout their culinary career.

Culinary Immersion Experience

The Course

This 13-week course provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals needed to build a successful culinary career. It starts with the theory and practice of proper food service sanitation.  Successful candidates will be certified as a ServSafe Food Manager. Orientation to the professional kitchen, culinary history, and an overview of the career opportunities available in the foodservice industry. Students participate in culinary product identification and taste exploration, equipment identification, standard measurement, and demonstrate knife safety and basic knife skills. The theory and science of heat transfer as it pertains to food cookery. Soups, stocks, sauces, salads, protein fabrication, plate presentation, buffet/catering production, menu and recipe development. The path to professional and personal development starts here with the commitment to the highest standards.  Attitude, attendance, dress, respect, and lifelong learning are the characteristics of the Professional Chef.